U.S. Naval Observatory Astrometry Department

The Radio Reference Frame Image Database
S/X Band VLBA and VLBA+ Images

(This document is available with and without frames.)

Available items include PostScript format contour plots of Radio Reference Frame source images at frequencies of 2 GHz, 8 GHz, and 15 GHz. Plots of visibility data in PostScript format are also available. Calibration, data analysis, and other information can be obtained by retrieving the files 0000CALIB.ps and 0000README (one for each observation epoch). Visibility data and images are available in FITS format upon request to afey@usno.navy.mil.

Animated GIF format images as well as estimates of the astrometric suitability for many of these sources, based on the images presented here, are also available.

If you make use of these data in any publication, please refer to the citation instructions.

VLBA images at 24 and 43 GHz are also available for many of these sources. VLA and VLBI images at 1.6 and 5 GHz may also be obtained from the Pearson-Readhead and Caltech-Jodrell Surveys. See also the VLBA Calibrator Survey (2.3, 8.4 GHz), the VLBA 2cm Survey (15 GHz) and the VSOP Pre-launch Survey (5 GHz).

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